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Biomass Boiler Servicing Barnstaple

You can come to us for biomass boiler servicing in Barnstaple, North Devon, or across South West region. Whether you have a stand-alone biomass stove, back boiler or central heating boiler, this equipment needs routine services to keep it maintained and safe. As they use logs and wood chip, they are considered more environmentally friendly than coal and oil, thanks to a shorter lifecycle. As a result, they are an increasingly popular choice, particularly in areas where heat pumps or solar panels are not viable. Maintaining them routinely ensures they run efficiently and retain their near carbon-neutral status. Contact us today to schedule your annual service.

What A Biomass Service Package Covers

We service your system thoroughly from top to bottom, covering all parts both internally and relating to control and operation. Work includes:

Biomass Heating Maintenance & Repair

The most common issues you could experience with a biomass boiler (particularly if you don’t maintain annual servicing) are ignition failure, incorrect temperatures, control/display problems, or issues with fuel feeds. We can carry out an assessment and perform maintenance and repair work as needed to get it running optimally again. You should also have your boiler serviced every year by an expert to avoid future problems and maintain any applicable warranties and insurances you have. Our rates are competitive and our team are highly experienced engineers with years in the trade, so we are the safe choice for biomass servicing.

How Biomass Boilers Work

‘Biomass’ refers to materials sources from living organisms, in the case of boilers and heating, this is plants. Using logs, chips or wood pellets, biomass heating systems use the energy produced during combustion to generate heat or electricity for your home. Advantages of switching to a biomass boiler include:

Optimising Biomass Boiler Performance

Keeping your biomass stove or boiler serviced on regular basis optimises its performance. Not to mention, failure to maintain it can lead to reduced efficiency and lower returns from RHIs, which will cost you money. Typically, domestic biomass equipment needs annual servicing, whereas a commercial installation may vary depending on run hours. We always follow the manufacturer recommendations for services and cleaning, and can cater for any make and model.

Contact Heat Pump Servicing Ltd

Organise biomass boiler servicing in Barnstaple, Devon and the South West, by calling our expert engineers today.

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