Heat Pump Servicing Exeter

HPSL are a leading provider of renewable heat servicing in Exeter. We provide reliable repair and maintenance services to those who own solar panels, biomass boilers, ground or air source heat pumps and other HVAC systems. Our team can work on a variety of renewable energy systems, including F-Gas appliances. Get in touch to schedule your regular maintenance or repairs. We keep a range of parts in stock which enables us to carry out repair work quickly and efficiently.

ASHP Services

Our team service, repair and maintain air source heat pumps for both homes and businesses. We’ll also fine tune your set-up for peak performance.

GSHP Services

Ground source heat pumps need routine servicing to maximise performance. Find out more about GSHP and how we can help.

Solar PV Services

Photovoltaic solar panels transform sunlight into electricity to power both homes and businesses, and we ensure it does so effectively.

Solar Thermal Services

Thermal solar panels use the sun's heat to warm water and wet heating systems. Regular maintenance prevents costly repairs. Find out more here.

Air Source Heat Pump Services

Air source heat pumps are a great way to heat your home and reduce your carbon footprint. They work by extracting heat from the air, even at low temperatures. We can carry out all manner of ASHP services, including the initial installation, repairs, servicing and maintenance.

Looking after your air source heat pump is important. An ASHP that’s well-maintained will work more efficiently and should have a longer lifespan. This leads to reduced energy bills and maximised heating and cooling potential.

Ground Sources Heat Pump Services

Ground source heat pumps draw heat from below the ground. They consist of a piping system buried deep underground. At this level, the ground has a consistent temperature. The pipes are filled with a fluid which transfers this heat into the home.

GSHPs can be used for central heating, hot water, radiators, under floor heating systems and even for cooling.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have become increasingly more popular. They’re much more affordable and accessible than they’ve ever been, and they’re very effective. After installation, homeowners will see reductions in their energy bills as they harness the power of the sun’s rays.

Solar panels can be used to generate electricity. This can be stored in a battery if the user wishes to make the most of their energy. You can also use solar thermal panels to generate your home’s hot water. No matter which type of solar panel you choose, we can install it, repair it and keep it properly maintained.

Contact Heat Pump Servicing Today

If you’d like to make the switch to renewable energy, contact our Exeter branch today. Heat Pump Servicing take pride in bringing green energy solutions to domestic and commercial customers throughout Devon.

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