Ventilation & Air Conditioning Servicing Barnstaple

Reliable, affordable ventilation and air conditioning servicing in Barnstaple, Devon and the South West, is just a phone call away. We are REFCOM accredited and all of our engineers are trained and qualified to work on F-Gas systems. We also cover all modern ventilation systems from local extract to fully ducted heat recovery as well, you can contact us for repairs if things go wrong, even in the event of an urgent breakdown. From household air circulation to full integrated heat recovery in office blocks and industrial spaces, we have the expertise to keep them running efficiently. Keep your property comfortable for your family or staff and call us today for aircon and ventilation maintenance.

Annual Servicing for Ventilation Systems

Keeping your ventilation system and air conditioning units serviced on an annual basis ensures they are running at their most efficient. Over time, the gasses that keep aircons cool can dissipate and ventilation filters can deteriorate. When this occurs, you’ll notice your system blows warmer air and performs less effectively and air quality can drop. It can cause additional energy use as the system works harder to reach temperature. Also, unmaintained ventilation can pose a health concern for staff who have a right to a comfortable working environment. We provide affordable, annual servicing on a wide range of air heating and cooling systems as well as maintenance and emergency repairs. So, get in touch to book your appointment.

Refcom Registered Contractors

We are registered with Refcom, which means we are fully qualified to work with F-Gas; a substance present in a wide variety of refrigeration and cooling systems. Due to its environmental impact, the use of F-gasses is tightly regulated, and only certified persons, like our team, are permitted to carry out repairs and maintenance.

What is F-Gas?

F-Gas, or fluorinated gas, is a manmade gas used in many industrial settings. They show significant, adverse impacts on global warming, with GWP far greater than carbon dioxide. As a result, it is illegal to release it into the atmosphere. It is your duty and responsibility to ensure equipment using F-gas is repaired and maintained adequately by a regulated provider. We can provide regular upkeep to ensure you meet all your legal obligations, just get in touch to book.

Air Conditioning Breakdown Services

It can be uncomfortable when heating and cooling systems fail. Not to mention, in commercial settings you have a duty of care to efficiently heat or cool the premise for your staff and visitors. Has your air conditioning broken down and compromised your living or working conditions? Call our team for urgent breakdown repairs. We’ll troubleshoot your aircon quickly and provide affordable repairs to get it up and running again in no time.

Contact Heat Pump Servicing Ltd

Get in touch today to arrange ventilation and air conditioning servicing in Barnstaple, Devon or throughout the South West region.

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