Solar Thermal Servicing Barnstaple

We carry out solar thermal servicing in Barnstaple, and for installations across Devon and the South West region. Unlike solar PV which uses light to generate electricity, thermal solar units take heat from the sun and convert it into energy to heat water. They can be used as a standalone heat source, but also in combination with boilers, ASHP, GSHP, and alternative heating systems. Thermal solar panelling circulates fluid, as well as having electrical and mechanical components that need to work effectively for peak performance. Our engineers can visit you annually to service your system, or conduct one-off repairs as needed. Simply give us a call to arrange any of our solar thermal maintenance services.

Service & Repair for Solar Powered Hot Water Systems

Typically, we will check the concentration of glycol (the fluid that transfers heat between the solar panel and the hot water cylinder) so we can establish if it has deteriorated. This liquid is also responsible for protecting the system from freezing during very cold weather. So, it is important to check the quality and change the glycol routinely. We also check pumps, safety valves, seals and controls, as part of your annual service.

The Importance of Solar Thermal Maintenance

When exposed to high temperatures, the glycol heat transfer liquid in thermal solar panels naturally breaks down. This fluid has anti-freeze properties which, if not replaced bi-annually, can cease to be effective. If the system freezes, you may be stuck without a hot water source. Other issues you may experience over the lifetime of your solar thermal panels may include:

Preventative servicing and maintenance allows you to stay ahead of any developing issues, long before they become costly!

Reliable Solar Thermal Panel Repairers

With years of experience, our qualified, fully insured team are who you need for reliable solar thermal panel maintenance. We’ll visit you as required, assess your system, carry out any necessary work, and leave things running at optimum capacity.

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To schedule annual solar thermal servicing in Barnstaple or surrounding areas, arrange repairs, or report a problem, call us today.

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