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Photovoltaic cells take sunlight and convert it into electricity which can be used to power your home and reduce energy bills. With significant industry improvements making fitting and running costs even more viable, there has been a drastic increase in the number of domestic installations.

While solar panels are often considered a ‘fit and forget’ technology, routine maintenance and servicing are still crucial in maximising the benefits. This is also the case for solar thermalbiomass boilersheat pumps and all other green energy systems. So, if you have solar panels fitted to your home or business make sure to schedule in annual maintenance.

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Solar Panel Repair & Maintenance

When repairing and maintaining solar PV systems, we:

By performing these checks, we can identify issues early and fix them before they become more serious. Cracked or broken panels will have to be replaced. Therefore, it is advantageous having us carry out regular upkeep. We also keep you informed of any concerns that may be developing, such as nesting birds or broken roofing. So, you have time to take more affordable action.

Benefits Of Well-Maintained Solar Panels

Just some of the benefits of having well-maintained solar panels powering your property include:

Expert Solar Fault Resolution

We’ll investigate, and get to the bottom of any solar panel issues you’re experiencing. Fine-tuning your green energy system maximises output and efficiency. Repairs and pre-emptive maintenance also help achieve this.

Our expert engineers can arrange one-off or regular yearly visits to your property to inspect, repair and maintain your photovoltaic solar panelling for optimum performance. You can also expect excellent standards, competitive prices, and a friendly, helpful approach for true value for money.

Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on the make, model, their environment, and how well they are cared for. Solar panels in mild to poor conditions that aren’t maintained will last an average of 10 years. Regular servicing, however, can see them lasting for over 25 years.

Yes, but not often. If they are positioned at an angle greater than 15 degrees then rain and dirt should naturally flow from the panels by themselves. We offer cleaning as part of our solar panel servicing process. This keeps them clear and maximises the amount of sunlight caught in the panel.

Once every one to two years, depending on the conditions. For more exact information on how often your solar panels need servicing, contact our team of experts today.

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