Ground Source Heat Pump Servicing Barnstaple

You can rely on us for ground source heat pump servicing in Barnstaple, North Devon, and the wider South West. If you have made the savvy decision to opt for a greener form of energy, then it is equally wise to keep it well maintained. With years of experience working with these systems, as well as with airsolar, and biomass equipment, our engineers know what to look out for. If your system needs fine tuning or is showing early signs of wear, we’ll address it for you affordably and efficiently. Prevention is always better than a cure, and annual servicing is the best way to maintain your GSHP. So, if yours is overdue or coming up, get in touch to book an appointment.

GSHP Repairs & Maintenance

Repairing and maintaining GSHPs involves checking the system for leaks, blockages or deterioration. Our experts will also review pressure and fluid levels, lubricate moving components, and repair damages if required. We keep our prices competitive and our services transparent so you will always know what is happening within your heat pump set up. Finally, we test performance and fine tune things to get the best from your set up. This includes making sure your thermostat and controls are behaving as they should and that you understand how to make your system work for your family’s lifestyle.

How Ground Source Heat Pumps Works

Ground source heat pumps have a coil fitted underground, that transfers heat in the earth into useable energy for your home or business. This may be delivered via hot water, central heating, radiators, wet underfloor systems, or even used for cooling. In principal, they are designed to be more cost effective than conventional heating, such as electric or gas/oil boilers. However, to get the best savings over the course of its lifespan, you must keep it well serviced.

Benefits of Servicing GSHPs

The benefits of servicing your GSHP routinely includes:

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