Ground Source Heat Pump Servicing

Effective, Efficient, & Cost-Effective Maintenance

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Maintenance and servicing are essential to ensuring that systems work efficiently and for the greatest possible amount of time. Having moved towards the cost-effective and environmentally friendly option that is a ground source heat pump, you must get the best use out of it.

With years of experience in working with these systems, as well as with airsolar, and biomass energy, our engineers have the expertise you need.

If your system needs fine-tuning or is showing early signs of wear, we’ll address the issue affordably and efficiently. Prevention is always better than cure and annual servicing is the best way to prevent your ground source heat pump from encountering any issues.

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Ground Source Heat Pump Repairs & Maintenance

Repairing and maintaining ground source heat pumps involves checking the system for leaks, blockages, and deterioration. Our experts will also review pressure and fluid levels, lubricate moving components, and repair damages if required. Finally, we test performance and fine-tune things to get the best from your system.

We keep our prices competitive and our services transparent to keep you informed. This includes making sure your thermostat and controls are behaving as they should and that you understand how to make your system work for your family’s lifestyle.

How Ground Source Heat Pumps Works

Ground source heat pumps have a coil fitted underground, that transfers heat in the earth into usable energy for your home or business. This may be delivered via hot water, central heating, radiators, wet underfloor systems, or even used for cooling.

In principle, these systems are designed to be more cost-effective than conventional heating, such as electric or gas/oil boilers. However, to get the best savings throughout its lifespan, you must keep it well-serviced.

Benefits of Servicing GSHPs

The benefits of servicing your GSHP routinely includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

A ground source heat pump is an economically efficient and environmentally friendly way to heat your home.

They function in a distinctly different manner from conventional heating systems. Instead of using boilers, which provide heat to your house in intermittent bursts, they regulate your home’s temperature by delivering a continuous and consistent flow of heat. Compared to a boiler, this option is more economically efficient since it consumes much less energy.

Regular servicing checks your system for signs of wear. In doing so, you catch symptoms of upcoming breakage or malfunction ahead of time. In turn, these problems can be fixed at low costs – far lower than if you had waited for and had to pay for repair work after your heat pump. 

Regular maintenance conducts inspections to identify indications of deterioration in your system. By doing this, you are able to detect signs of imminent damage or malfunction in advance. Consequently, these issues may be rectified at a very inexpensive price, far lower than the expenses incurred if you were to delay and then bear the charges of repairing your heat pump.

No, unless you possess the necessary qualifications and expertise. Engaging in any maintenance activities on a heating system has the potential for system damage and poses a danger to human safety. Refrain from engaging in such action. 

Annually is the customary procedure. If there are exceptional conditions, you may consider increasing the frequency of scheduling maintenance. However, for the majority, an annual check-up is sufficient. We recommend scheduling servicing in the summer or early autumn. By doing so, you can ensure that your heating system is adequately prepared for the impending winter. 

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