Discover Your Renewable Energy Options

Making the switch to renewable energy is a responsible way to upgrade any home. Not only could it reduce your energy bills, it could also increase the value of your home. There are many ways to take advantage of green energy, and some will be more suited to certain properties and lifestyles than others. We’re going to give you a brief run-through of all the options we offer, so you can make an informed decision.

Air & Ground Source Heat Pumps

At HPSL, we specialise in renewable energy, and heat pumps in particular. In the UK, both air source and ground source heat pumps are great ways to take advantage of renewable energy. Air source heat pumps extract warm air from outside, and remain effective even in temperatures as low as -15 degrees! Therefore, they’re an ideal solution in Devon’s temperate climate, even in winter.

Ground source heat pumps extract warmth from below the ground, where the temperature is consistent all year round. You’ll need to have enough space on your property to accommodate all of the pipes associated with a ground source heat pump if you want to take advantage of one.

Solar Panels & Solar Thermal

Solar panels have become more affordable than ever, and can generate electricity even in cloudy conditions. So long as it’s light outside, solar energy can be converted into electricity for your home. However, it’s not just electricity which solar energy is useful for. You can also install solar thermal systems, which use the heat from the sun to generate your hot water. These are becoming very popular, and are a reliable way to get hot water with less reliance on fossil fuels.

Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers use logs and wood chips as fuel, which is more sustainable than burning non-renewables like coal and oil. If you’re unable to install a solar panel system or heat pump, a biomass boiler is a great solution.

Biomass boilers are regarded as carbon neutral, and can reduce your annual carbon dioxide output. As well as that, the cost of fuel remains much more consistent than that of coal and gas, meaning your energy bills should be much more stable.

For Renewable Energy Systems, Choose HPSL

Our renewable energy experts can help you install a green energy solution with ease. Contact us today for further information about any of our products and services.

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