Do Solar Panels Work In The Winter?

Solar panels are more commonly installed in the summer. However, that’s not to say that there isn’t any benefit to having them in the colder months. You can get panels installed any time of the year, so there’s no need to delay if you want to get some fitted. This means that you can start saving on your energy bills any time. Let’s take a look at how the seasons can affect the performance of your panels.

Are British Winters Too Cold For Solar Panels?

The UK has a relatively mild climate, though it can reach below freezing temperatures in winter. Whilst the colder months can get rather chilly, this isn’t what negatively affects the performance of solar panels. The culprit is actually shorter days.

Solar panels don’t use heat to generate energy. Instead, they use sunlight. This means that they can be effective even in freezing temperatures, so long as it’s light. Even with small amounts of snow on the surface, you panels can still generate energy. Snow could even increase the amount of energy produced, as light reflects off its surface.

Can Solar Panels Withstand Hail?

You may worry that the surface of your panels could be damaged in extreme weather conditions like hailstorms. While this can happen in some circumstances, most solar panels are built to be highly durable. They should be able to withstand the occasional storm and average weather conditions. If there’s been a particularly bad spell of weather, it’s a good idea to check if your panels have any chips or damage as a result.

Fixing Solar Panels

Are Panels More Effective In Summer?

Yes. Because the days are longer and there tends to be more sunlight, your solar panels will generate more energy in the summer months than they do in the winter. If you want to make the most out of the extra heat generated in the summer, you could choose to fit a solar battery. This will store any excess energy that your panels generate and allow you to use green energy even when it’s dark.

For Solar Panels, Choose Heat Pump Servicing

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